Welcome to Sápmi - Welcome to Lapland

We love our quiet neighborhood in the North and are thrilled to be able to share our experience with you!

Our retreats include nature singing, nature oriented voice and performance training, nature excursions, and quiet time. Individual coaching is available upon request. We also have visiting lecturers from the area who lead us to the local culture.

The prices include full program, full board, accommodation and transportation to and from the Ivalo airport on selected flights.

We are happy to help you with your travel arrangements



In Sápmi the nature plays an inseparable role in the everyday living. Our premises are in the middle of the wilderness area, yet, for the local people the natural landscape is anything but wild. This is the cultural heritage and the place where everyday life is lived.

Here we breathe the cleanest air in the world. There’s no climate, only weather. We’ll experience the rain, wind, heating sun, snow storms and frost together with nature. Weather and nature are not just around us, they get to us affecting our actions and moods.

Winter can be both comforting and challenging bringing the amazing light of kaamos, the dwilight time. The daylight returns in March and April, the sun stays up from the end of the May.

June is the season of the nightless night. The snow has just melted and the spring is in the air. Reindeer calves have born and the fishing season brings fly fishers to the banks of the Anarjohka River.

Near by Lemmenjoki National Park provides beautiful trekking opportunities in marked routes. During the snowless months we take long hikes through the Muotkatunturi wilderness areas, our carry-on packrafts also allow us to cross small streams and lakes.



Our homebase Vaskon Hiljainen is located near the village of Áŋŋel (in Finnish Angeli). The main building is a modernly equipped house with 3 rooms for two persons, plenty of living area, shared bathroom with sauna and two shared toilets. Next to the main building is also a separate small house with an own kitchen, room for 2 and a private bathroom and toilet.

We are in the middle of the Norwegian and Finnish wilderness areas. The closest bus stop, post office, grocery store, restaurant and pharmacy are located in Gáregasnjárga (in Finnish Karigasniemi), which is 50 kilometres away. The centre of Inari is 75 kilometers away, and the closest airport in Ivalo 120 kilometers away.



You can arrive by train to Rovaniemi or Oulu and from there by bus to Karigasniemi / Ivalo / Inari, by plane to Ivalo or by car to our premises. Our retreat price includes transportation to and from the Ivalo airport on selected flights, you can also join the rides from Ivalo or Inari centrum.

Transportation to/from Karigasniemi available at an additional fee!



We will arrange these retreats upon request. Public retreats will be announced on this site as they come. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

For more info and reservation inquiries, email info@soundbynature.com or call / WhatsApp Sanni at +358-44-513 8321


Preliminary Day Program

8:30-9:30AM Breakfast

10AM-1PM Workshop / Excursion Time

1:30-2:30PM Lunch

3:30-6PM Workshop / Excursion Time

7PM Dinner

8PM- Sauna, Campfire, Private Down Time

The program is subject to change according to the needs and wishes of the participants. Depending on the weather conditions, part of the workshops will be held outdoors.


Culturally Sustainable Turism

The culturally sustainable tourism respects and appreciates the distinct characteristics of different cultures, promotes the wellbeing of people and regions as well as enables the preservation and development of different cultures. We are committed to follow the ethical guidelines of the Sámi Parliament. SoundByNature cooperates with the National Finnish Forest Services Metsähallitus and is an associated partner of the project ARCTISEN - Culturally Sensitive Tourism in the Arctic during the years 2018-2021.