New Perspectives and Wellness from Nature

New tools for coaching. Well being and joy for yourself and for others too. These trainings are especially intended for teachers, counselors, and rehabilitation and care workers. Nature-based voice and performance pedagogy offers opportunities to deepen both artistic and guidance skills through a new perspective. We organize Luontolaulu instructor trainings and artist courses by request.

The day offered a gentle perspective to coaching. I realized that combining music, my own voice, and nature is really in our nature - it doesn’t have to be done, but to let happen. Goal oriented approach doesn’t work in nature.

SoundByNature combines nature, sound, and body work, incorporating sound exercises in nature and within (including humming, voices, invitations), relaxation exercises, and singing and singing (cf. own lullabies). In these courses, we study how our own voice, interaction with nature, and natural acoustics can be a support for guidance work.

It was nice to do the exercises under professional guidance and to see concrete examples from the video.

The SoundByNature and Luontolaulu courses awaken the sensitivity of quiet moments and invite new ways to listen to both yourself and nature. Nature gives space to be and experiment with your own boundaries and lead you to find new routes for voice and emotional expression. Nature can teach you to enjoy the connection with the environment and take attention away from your own performance, look outside yourself. Spontaneity and expression are strengthened.

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