Forest Sound Walk

I just had a walk in the forest with my dog and again I felt like singing 😀. I’m not really a singing-by-myself type of a person but after two forest sound walks with Sanni I have felt that my voice wants to come out. Humming in the forest calms me down. Afterwards I feel relaxed.
— Nora
The walk often begins with an uphill path towards the woods.

We walk through the woods. Slowly. Humming and breathing. Listening how the nature responds. Opening our senses. Enjoying the colors and scents forest sends to us. Letting the nature and sounds affect, restore and rejuvenite us.

Welcome to experience the culture of nature and music through your own experience! Forest Sound Walk leads you to relax through slow pace, gentle movements, breathing and humming. It opens your senses through listening and feeling and restores the connection to nature.

Be prepared to get refreshed, re-energized and inspired!I

Listening water.

The Connecting Sounds

It is not the silence that relaxes us in nature, but the soothing sounds we hear when noise is left behind. The sounds of nature, chirping birds, wind whispering in the leaves, icy rivers singing in the Fall, connect and soothe us and bring us the feeling of belonging. 

Breathing with the trees.

On the Footsteps of our Fathers

The tradition of singing in nature, with nature and to nature falls back hundreds of years in Finland. Humming, singing and callings have been part of our daily life. Singing has been there to channel sadness and joy, to ease the hard work load and to bring comfort in the solitude. The songs have connected us into ourselves, into our society and into nature. Singing has had an evolutionary role in maintaining the physical safety of the group against predator control, and in creating feelings of safety and psychological comfort between families. 

Forest Sound Walk can continue on the water.

Forest Sound Walk Trail

An ideal trail for Forest Sound Walk is located in a quiet, naturally beautiful environment. The walk starts with a small uphill path and leads the walker to a forest area that contains natural water areas and gently running streams. 

During the walk we stop every now and then for simple invitations; The three main principles of Nature Singing - in Finnish Luontolaulu - are called Tuning (Tuning in to the scents, sounds, textures, tastes and sights of the nature through sensing, breathing, feeling and touching), Humming (Caressing the body and the mind through simple hums and melodies) and Calling (Enhancing the inner strength with voice, sounds and natural accoustics of the forest).

At the end of the walk we might gather by the fire or invite ourselves for a cup tea, freshly brewed from the ingredients we have gathered during our Forest Sound Walk.

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Forest Sound Walk™, Singing Canoe™ and Luontolaulu® were developed by Sanni Orasmaa for SoundByNature.