Led by jazz singer Sanni Orasmaa, SoundByNature combines world's purest nature and highly focused voice and performance training to elevate your performing skills to the next level. We provide courses and excursions in Finland and all over the world in places that provide natural beauty and solitude. 


Our favorite Forest Sound Walk location Meiko Wilderness Area is only 30min drive away from Helsinki.

We can meet you anywhere in the world. Here a workshop at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our retreats in Lapland are situated at least 350 miles above the Arctic Circle.


From Noise to a Voice

Did you ever call across the sleeping lake and hear your voice echoing from the backwoods? Or holler from the top of the mountain filling the valleys with your sound? Belt out your favorite tunes from the bottom of your lungs while driving an empty highway? Give a fantastically sounding one man show in the loneliness of your bathroom while taking a shower?

How would you like to be able to recall that moment next time you give a speech / sing a song / play a tune in front of an audience?

NATURE ORIENTED VOICE AND PERFORMANCE TRAINING® creates culture that leads you into a conscious relationship with your authentic expression and sound. From your own space, at your own pace.


Nature is Sound


We train through the lens of the natural world by using simple yet powerful skills and practices for deeper understanding of the body, presence and presentation.


Nature Oriented Voice and Performance Training Succesfully Combines Academic Competense with Experiental Practise and Emotional Intelligence


Our training is based on continuos scientific research and over 15 years of internationally acknowledged practical work in the fields of voice and performance studies.



We Look Forward Hearing from You!


Whether you’re interested in booking a training session for your team, enrolling in personal training, becoming a partner or just take a walk with Sanni or want to say hi, we want to hear from you.

Use the form to drop us an email. To call, dial +358-44-5138321 for Finland or +49-151-2521636 for Germany.

Sanni Orasmaa

CEO, Founder


instagram: sound_by_nature


SoundByNature cooperates with the National Finnish Forest Services Metsähallitus and is an associated partner of the project ARCTISEN - Culturally Sensitive Tourism in the Arctic during the years 2018-2021. We are committed to follow the principles of sustainable tourism and the ethical guidelines of the Sámi Parliament.