Sanni, thank you for being there with your ‘Sanni’ energy. You brought us together in music.
— Jazz Singer

What is an authentic jazz singer made of?

Throughout its short but sweet era jazz singing has been based on supporting one's originality - finding and strengthening one's own voice - and at the same time jazz singing has been about communication, finding a common language with other musicians in the ensemble.

Jazz singing calls for trust, leadership skills and vivid musical imagination. Knowing how to choose the songs and lyrics that one is ready to sing - jazz singer is a story teller above all.


Singing starts from listening

Nature in Jazz dives into the world of jazz singing from the creative voice training, improvisation and rhythms. We'll recognize inner and outer impulses through different listening techniques, learning how to rely on the internal pulse and applying it to different tempos.

We'll find style and interpretation by utilizing our own internal starting points and resources. You'll learn the tools to relax and strengthen your expression without rolling over others in the ensemble.

Learn about the science behind Nature Oriented Voice and Performance Training.


Imitate, assimilate, innovate

Jazz musicians have always learned through imitation and exchange, how ever nowadays it has become harder and harder to follow the next steps of the creative process: to assimilate - to make the music your own - and to innovate - to create new ideas and songs of your own. I often hear questions such as "Can I do this?" "Is this allowed?" "Is this JAZZ?"

Nature in Jazz approaches the creative process from the singer's point of view finding tools for getting started with own arrangements, instant arranging and composing. 

1-3hr or 1-5day workshop. Part of the sessions can be held outdoors. Languages: English, Finnish, German

All workshops include both individual and group work. Contact us to plan a workshop for your group.