Strong back, wide sight, Northern Lights in your heart.
— SoundByNature
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How about some refreshed skills and confidence?

Our inspiring, learning-by-doing lecture-workshops focus on expression and creative communication. They lead you to enhance your performance skills through physical and inner voice training, body awareness and communication. Learn about the science behind Nature Oriented Voice and Performance Training.

Part I: Body & Language - Delivering an Authentic Performance

Part II: Sky is our Roof, the Earth our Floor - Voice in Performance

Part III: Improvisation - Bridge to the Effective Communication

Other topics may include:

  • Virtual Reality in Performance Training

  • Help your voice - Sustainable Creative Voice Training

1-3hr workshop. Indoors, outdoors or both. Languages: Finnish, English, German.

Contact us to plan a workshop for your group.

Voice and body warm up at the International Voice Teachers Conference at the Royal Music School in Stockholm.