Acting Jazz

Find your inner jazzer. Voice and performance training for actors.


Nature in Jazz

Feel the pulse, trust your story. Bring out the Authentic Jazz Singer.


Nature in Performance

Strong back, wide sight, Northern lights in your heart.


All SoundByNature trainings include…



The research relates to the human development over millions of years in a physical environment, where the physical environment mainly included nature.

We need supportive environments for developing bodily and psychologically well-being. A supportive environment should be experienced as comprehensible, accessible and secure. The more pressure we feel, the greater is our need to find supportive environments.

It can be assumed that already because of our history, we ‘understand’ the natural environment, which means possibilities to regain resources and explore environments (Kaplan & Kaplan, 1989).

The positive response to nature appears cross-culturally.


Focus on the Breath

Our breathing opens the pathway to our mind and body. How we experience our breath effects to how our mind opens to new experiences. 



The freedom of inner and outer space is an important part of our training. The person who feels free inside but stucked outside and at the same time person who is free outside but doesn't get the guidance he needs to work on the inside is not free. Nature can help us to combine these inner and outer spaces through concentrated practices such as awareness exercises. 



For us Jazz is not just a style of music. It is a way of being in the moment, playing for the joy of playing, coming from the Self and supporting others to do the same.

Intuition, Authenticity, AWE, Empathy, Aesthetics, EnJOYment, Nature, Connection, Space, Harmony, Freedom...
— from SoundByNature building blocks