Our voices belong

We do not come into this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree, as the ocean waves...

— Alan Wilson Watts

I have yet to experience that another creature of nature would run or fly away when we sing in the forest. Quite opposite, humming with the trees seems to bring the birds closer, and callings and songs wake up the curiosity in other animals.

We experienced a beautiful moment few weeks ago when our Nature Singing course gathered on top of a hill to sing and during the last fading sounds a large swan flew over lingering above us for a while. Our voices belong.

Natural sounds connect us to nature and bring us the feeling of belonging but in the same way our own voice soothes us and connects us with ourselves and with others. Together we can immerse to a soundscape where we can deepen the connection between oneself, one another and what surrounds us.

We know natural sounds such as the bird song, or the wind in the trees, and the human made mechanical sounds such as a motor saw, but rarely do we remember that nature has also always included cultural sounds such as the seremonial sounds, drumming, herding calls and singing.

Our voices belong.