SoundByNature digs deeper when we plan nature excursions for our clients. We will find the right forest, the most echoing rocks and the most tranquil waters - perfectly suited to support your individual voice.

How about a nature singing trip on a solo canoe? Or a starry night sound walk through the snowy woods? Why not join us on a unique journey to the North. Or what the heck, let's found a choir, invite Sanni to coach and bring it outside every now and then!


Our events have ranged from solo Forest Sound Walks to large international lectures, our partners thrive for excellence in their own ares and guarantee that every experience is designed and executed with enthusiasm and love for nature.

Thank you for the wonderful evening, we were all totally empowered afterwards.
— Susanne, a Singing Canoe participant

SoundByNature cooperates with the Natural Heritage Services of Metsähallitus (governmental agency managing national parks and nature reserves) and is an associated partner of the project ARCTISEN -  Culturally Sensitive Tourism in the Arctic during the years 2018-2021. Our trainers hold the Red Cross Advanced First Aid (FA2) Certificate. We are committed to the principles of sustainable nature tourism.

I didn’t remember how much I missed nature.
— Anna, a Forest Sound Walker