Summer 2019

Daily departures to Meiko Nature Preserve and Pihlajasaari from Helsinki City Center and a lot more!

Would you like to…

…Take a break from the noise?

…Strengthen your individual voice?

…Learn to become more present in your everyday encounters?

…Discover new ways to enjoy nature and music?

…Learn how to use senses, voice and body awareness to improve your wellbeing? 

Singing with, in, to, and from the nature can help us to relax and relieve stress. But singing can also unlock your individual voice, open your heart, and help you restore the vital way of being in the moment. Pouring from the inside, connected outside.

It was not the wind you heard.

It was me, my voice.
— Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, Trekways of the wind
Anarjohka River in January, two weeks before sunrise. Photo: Sanni / SoundByNature

Anarjohka River in January, two weeks before sunrise. Photo: Sanni / SoundByNature

Based in Finland, SoundByNature services are available internationally at custom locations. Our primary locations are the Meiko Nature Preserve in Kirkkonummi, Southern Finland and our premises by the river Anarjohka, close to the village Áŋŋel, in the very Northern part of Finnish Lapland.

We currently offer:

Retreats (Overnight immersive indoor and outdoor experienses)

Courses (1 to 3 day events with specific themes, no accommodation included)

Forest Sound Walks (90min to 3 hour outdoor experiences that may begin and end indoors)

Guest lectures and custom workshops by request


Culturally Sustainable Turism

The culturally sustainable tourism respects and appreciates the distinct characteristics of different cultures, promotes the wellbeing of people and regions as well as enables the preservation and development of different cultures. We are committed to follow the ethical guidelines of the Sámi Parliament. SoundByNature cooperates with the National Finnish Forest Services Metsähallitus and is an associated partner of the project ARCTISEN - Culturally Sensitive Tourism in the Arctic during the years 2018-2021.