WellO2 & Breathing Mask

WellO2 & Breathing Mask


WellO2 is a wellness device for household use which opens up and soothes the airways and also strengthens the respiratory muscles. The patented technology of WellO2 (EP Patent No. 2708260) combines adjustable breathing resistance and warm vapor inhalation in a unique way.

WellO2 can be used by individuals with acute or chronic breathing difficulties but also by persons suffering from shallow breathing or snoring, the elderly, athletes and professional voice users.

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Two known methods, one device

WellO2 technology combines resisted breathing with warm vapor inhalation and provides a natural help for better and more efficient breathing. The resisted breathing strengthens the respiratory muscles, opens up the airways and helps the inhaled vapor generated by the device to penetrate deeper into the airways. The warm vapor moistens the mucous membranes and facilitates mucus clearance.

Versatile, safe and easy to use

WellO2 is easy and safe to use. The double body structure of the device guarantees the consistent warm vapor production during the breathing exercise and also protects the user from exposure to hot water. The adjustable breathing resistance and the vapor temperatures give optimal conditions for respiration training with the device regardless of the current fitness of the user. WellO2 can be used regularly to boost breathing or alleviate breathing difficulties when needed.

Open up the airways with WellO2

WellO2 integrates two known methods for opening up the airways and enhancing mucus clearance: Vapor inhalation and resisted breathing.

Resisted breathing (breathing against pressure) opens up the airways effectively due to pressure changes within respiratory system, thus enabling the vapor produced by the device to penetrate deeper into the airways. The inhaled vapor warms and soothes the airways. While mucous membranes are moistened, mucous is loosened helping the clearance of the airways.

The WellO2 device has adjustable breathing resistance for both inhalation and exhalation. The breathing exercise strengthens different muscles: During inhalation the diaphragm and external intercostal muscles and during exhalation the internal intercostal muscles and even abdominal muscles. While the breathing exercise strengthen the muscles, it also adds ex- and inhaling power. The vapor inhalation soothes the airways leaving a pleasant feeling after breathing exercise.