Road to Self, to Others, and to Nature

A day in the nature is not only a day off even though it is a day out. While in nature, we can explore what’s present, what is wanting to emerge and how nature can inspire us to meet challenges and goals in new ways.

In the gentle atmosphere, in the hands of a top professional, it was easy to throw yourself into exploring and notice the effects on the mind and body immediately.

Restoring Co Operation

Nature allows the participants to enhance their presence and interaction from their own space, through their own experience. A conversation that takes place in the open, offers space for moments of silence and reflection. Eye contact is not always necessary. Therefore it is easier to express issues that are difficult or painful.

Sanni’s professionalism and deep the knowledge of the body, sound, music and resonance opened up a new world to own voice and understanding how the body, sound, environment, and state of mind affect us.

Enhancing Vocal and Presentation Skills

Nature is a safe environment in which we are able to broaden our expression and strengthen our communication through our own resources without building an appearance from outside. Humming and speaking improve performance, breathing and posture. Creative voice training enhances expression, helps to focus and to regulate mood, relieving stress and depression.

Ewoking Team Spirit

Singing together strengthens social ties and enhances collaboration skills. Sharing and exploring together in nature are experiences that are recalled and remembered for a long time.

At the next morning meeting we shared our experiences together. Here are our thoughts:
- Wonderful relaxed atmosphere
- A lot of useful information on interaction and voice
- Completely new perspectives and information
Warm thanks!

The SoundByNature coaching package is a three-hour to one day trip to yourself, to others and to nature.

The program is suitable for a day of well-being for work groups, support for management team work or coaching, as well as individual coaching.

Breakfast / brunch / lunch / dinner can be added to the program.

For myself, many thoughts were strengthened, which I will continue with. When things are heard together, they are easier to refer / return to.
— Team Leader

Private Coaching

Private coaching ensures a very personal and professional approach to the challenges of voice and performance. A typical coaching process takes 2-3 months. Coaching aims to raise awareness, open up opportunities, and act as a path to finding and utilizing ones own resources.

Coaching is especially suitable in transformation phases or when deepening interaction, presence and public contact are needed.

Thank you Sanni for a great experience in the fabulous Meiko! In a stressful life situation, you helped me calm down, breathe and look for my own voice.